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How To Understand Dashboard Warning Lights and Indicators?
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What are the Most Common Dashboard Warning Lights?

The most dreadful thought that crosses the minds of all vehicle owners is seeing at a dashboard warning light or an indicator. These lights are a mode of communication between you and your vehicle. With these indicators, your vehicle informs you when something is not right. Some indicators are common and easy to understand with their obvious symbols.

But some dashboard warning lights are not easy to understand and ignoring these indicators could lead to bigger issues in your vehicle. Our team at Green Auto Plus in Brockton, MA, wants you to be prepared the next time you see a dashboard warning light. Therefore, our team has explained the most common dashboard warning that you may come across in a new or pre-owned vehicle.

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What do the Warning Lights on my Dashboard Mean?

The warning lights on your dash inform you about your vehicle’s well-being. These indicators come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Color Warnings

Most vehicles use the same color system to indicate the type and seriousness of the warning.


The red color usually means that whatever the problem is, it needs your immediate attention.


This color usually means that there is some issue with your vehicle and if not treated on time, it may cause trouble in the long run.


This light usually means that your vehicle is providing some information, like activated features.

Common Warning Lights

various symbols of dashboard warning lights

Other than color warnings, you might see some symbols on your dash. These symbols indicate the issue clearly so that you know what you need to do next. The following are the most common dashboard warning lights that you will come across.


Check Engine Light

This light is not too specific as it only indicates that there is some issue with the engine.

Battery Light

This means that your vehicle’s battery is not working properly or is not being charged properly.

Brake Warning Light

This light alerts you if you leave the handbrake on.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

This light indicates that there is loss of air from one or more than one tire.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

This light indicates that the engine is overheated and this needs to be addressed immediately.

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