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Top 3 Reasons Why My Brakes Are Squeaking
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Why Are My Brakes Making Noise?

Brakes are one of the most essential safety systems in your vehicle. If there are some unusual noises coming from your brakes, it could imply that one of your most critical safety systems might be malfunctioning. Luckily, most brake noises are considered normal. However, if you hear excessive rattling, grinding, and thudding noise when you hit the brake, then its time to go to your mechanic. They will ascertain whether your vehicle’s hardware simply needs to be lubricated or needs servicing. Of course, you might have wondered: why are my brakes making noise? Here, at Green Auto Plus in Brockton, MA, we give you a summary of three common brake noises and what they mean.

Brake Rattle

Brake pads are installed in the brake calipers using brackets, pistons, and caliper slide pins. If this brake mounting hardware is worn, loose, missing, or unlubricated, it will cause the brake pad to rattle when you press or release the brake pedal. Additionally, worn brake hardware will also make the pads drag on the rotors. They could also overheat and vibrate and wear faster and unevenly.  

Car Mechanic working on the brakes
Brake Disc and Braka Pads

Brake Grinding

A rotor surface that has excess rust or dints from mud and road salt will lead to grinding when stopping. A loud grinding indicates that the brake pad friction material has worn out to such an extent that the pad’s metal backing is cutting into the rotor. Rust or a stone stuck between the rotor and dust shield will also make a grinding sound when you’re braking.  

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Brake Fade    

When the brakes get excessively overheated and don’t function normally, it is termed as brake fade. This condition occurs when the brakes are being used much more than they should be used. Thus, it can happen when you are stuck in traffic on a hot summer day, towing large loads or driving down long and steep hills.   

Are you interested in learning more about the mechanism of brakes? Visit us at Green Auto Plus in Brockton, MA or schedule a test drive today! Our sales representatives will be happy to give you the complete lowdown on brakes. You could also opt for a car loan with us. We have great deals! We look forward to seeing you.

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