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April is Car Care Month

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April, as most of us know is the National Car Care Month and it is the appropriate time to service your car particularly if you did not use it during winter. Taking care of it will prolong your vehicle’s life and ensure that it is reliable and ready to be used in spring and summer. During national vehicle inspections, some of the issues that most vehicles have include improper tire inflation, completely worn treads, malfunctioning vehicle lights, windshield wipers, belts and hoses, air filters, and low lubricant and fluid levels.

Car care is important because it helps you keep safe on the road, saves money because you will spend less on repairs in the long-term and your vehicle will be reliable. These are some of the areas you should pay attention to during this month;

Exhaust system

Check the exhaust system for damage, leaks, or broken hangers if there is a strange noise. It is important to correct exhaust leaks urgently because they are hazardous.


Inspect the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system because cooling and heating are essential because they make the interior of the car cozy and safe due to defrosting.

Steering and suspension system

Check this system every year including struts and absorbers as well as chassis parts like the tie rod ends, ball joints, and other components.

Tire Pressure

Inspect tire pressure once every month without forgetting the spare. Inspect the tread for irregular or uneven cuts, bruises, and wear on the sidewall. Make sure that you have a mechanic check the car’s alignment every year to improve handling and fuel economy and minimize wear.


Check if the interior and exterior lights are working and make sure that the bulbs that are not functioning are checked promptly. Replace windshield wipers twice a year or when they are chattering, streaking, torn, cut, or cracked for maximum safety and wiping performance.

Brake system

Inspect the engine brake system annually and ensure that the brake drums, rotors, and linings are inspected whenever the oil is getting changed.

If you need April vehicle maintenance, do not hesitate to bring your car into our auto repair shop today!

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