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Why Do Warning Signal Lights Blink Fast Sometimes?

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Every car comes equipped with warning lights, and thank goodness, they do. It would be amazing if our vehicles could talk to us and let us know when something is wrong, but in a sense, they do… they set off a warning light letting us know there is an issue at hand. Whenever you have your lights blinking fast it means something; your vehicle is letting you know there is an issue. Here are some things that can be meant when you are experiencing your lights blinking fast.

Dashboard lights will begin to flicker fast when there is an issue with your alternator. Generally, your alternator doesn’t need much attention it is extremely important that you know when it is beginning to decline. Whenever the dash lights flicker, the headlights seem dim, your battery doesn’t seem to stay charged, there are odd sounds coming from the belts or your battery, or your vehicle seems to stall there is an issue with your alternator. You may also have an issue with your starter. That is something else that can cause the dashboard lights to flicker at a fast pace.

When your turn signal begins to blink fast it can indicate that your bulb will soon be going out. Each turn signal has its own flashing unit that will pause the circuit that produces the blinking action for both the front and back of your vehicle. When the bulb is beginning to fail the resistance and pace of the signal flash faster than they should. The bulb may need to be changed, the flasher relay may be failing, there isn’t a lot of voltage getting to it, or you may have an issue with the ground connection of the vehicle.

The lights in our vehicles are working for us and are a great way that will help you know when there is an issue. It is almost like Morse code… your car is trying to tell you something is wrong. If you have these warnings you should get them taken care of immediately. If you need warning light diagnostics, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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