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3 Common Exhaust Colors and What They Mean

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Exhaust smoke is sometimes considered an evil necessity for our vehicles. Any smoke released from the exhaust should not look or smell very noticeable or unique. The color of your exhaust can tell you a lot about the status of your vehicle’s health. It can be alarming to notice your exhaust changing colors. If your vehicle’s exhaust has changed color since the last time you drove, below are three common exhaust colors and what they usually mean.

Black Exhaust

Black smoke is usually a clear indicator that your vehicle is burning too much fuel. This type of exhaust is typically emitted if the air filter is clogged or there is a problem with the fuel injectors. Black exhaust smoke should be inspected before it significantly impacts your vehicle’s performance.

Blue Exhaust 

Blue exhaust smoke is hazardous, as it typically means that there’s an oil leak. This can occur if there’s a leak in the valve seal or a malfunctioning piston ring. Please take special note of when you notice the blue exhaust as it will help determine what’s causing it. If the blue exhaust occurs when you’re accelerating, it’s usually a problem with the piston ring. While if the blue exhaust occurs when you are decelerating, it may be a cylinder head valve issue.

White Exhaust 

The white exhaust is the hardest of the three to identify. It can either be normal or completely hazardous. Light, white exhaust is normal and can be due to condensed water vapor. Exhaust smoke that is thick and white indicates a significant problem. You may have a blown head gasket or a major coolant leak. This should be inspected right away to prevent further damage.

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