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Can Speed Bumps Damage Your Vehicle?

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If you’re in a rush, a speed bump seems like an unnecessary delay, slowing down to shimmy your car over a bump. Speed bumps are meant to slow vehicles down in neighborhoods, roads, and parking lots with less than 35mph or less. If you press the gas when approaching a speed bump, you may find your car slamming hard on the pavement. This leaves many drivers wondering how speed bumps affect their vehicle. Depending on how fast you speed over them, speed bumps can cause frame damage. Cars with low ground clearance can experience even more severe damage if they hit the pavement at an angle. It’s always best to approach every speed bump slowly and with caution to avoid significant repairs. Below are a few common ways speed bumps can cause major damage:

Tire Damage
Speeding too fast over a speed bump can cause an impact, and hitting the ground could cause the tires’ sides to also hit the ground. Any significant tire damage could find you needing a required replacement.

Potholes and dips in the road are absorbed effectively due to vehicle’s shocks. If it weren’t for shocks, you’d feel every bump and crater along the road. If you drive too fast over speed bumps, the shocks cannot adequately absorb the bump. This can cause them to become bent and leak hydraulic fluid. With enough damage to your shocks, your tires can lose the ability to contact the road during quick stops. Your vehicle can end up airborne with no control over it.

Exhaust System
Your exhaust system is located right underneath your vehicle. They keep vehicles quiet while also making them more efficient and environmentally friendly. However, hitting a speed bump too fast can easily cause major damage to the exhaust system. With just enough speed, your exhaust system will hit the ground when you land, causing damage so massive that it hinders its ability to perform its intended tasks.

Steering Wheel
After a few fast trips over speed bumps, your shocks will take on some damage. And without the protection from the shocks, the steering components become shaken severely during the drive. If a fix isn’t prioritized, prolonged vibrations can cause leaks in the power steering system. This can also lead to your wheels being thrown out of alignment and ruined steering rack mounts.

Speed bumps can cause significant damage, but this damage is easily preventable. Take your time and drive slowly over each bump. However, if you get caught up rushing and speed over one, we’re here to inspect your vehicle for an added peace of mind.

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